May 26, 2019

NEW Youth Cirque Program

written by invertustudio

This class is designed for youth and teen aerial and circus students.

Pre-registration is required to assure spot is available in class.

This class will include a 15 Minute Dance and Yoga Group Warm-up. Followed by Strength and Flexibility on Apparatus, such as Aerial Hammock, Pole and/or Aerial Silks or Aerial Hoop/Lyra. Next the class will work on tricks, poses, and other moves in fabric apparatus’s. In Conclusions, the class will spend the last 5 minutes cooling down and doing restorative body work. The class is mixed levels and 50 minutes.

This class is a great way for active youth to cross train or a great way for youth to begin there fitness, yoga, or dance journey. Aerial is a fun and effective type of fitness out there, and is designed to keep our students engaged and safe. Expect to see improvement in cardio, strength, and flexibility within the first month!

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